Clothes, cement, rope
200x600x3 cm

Exhibition at Houtmaat Hengelo.

‘Skyline’ refers to the physical connection of our bodies with the environment we inhabit, and sprang from the ongoing news reports of the many displaced people caused by conflicts. It is a literal fusion between the two aspects that make people unique to most animals in nature; the protection of our bodies through clothing and the intensive reshaping of the landscape through urban developments, which also leaves us very vulnerable when the structures of the built environment fall apart.

The clothes hanging on the line reflect on this physical dependence, relating to the clothes of people who have lost their homes and only have their clothing to live in, which become often heavily layered and over time without changing our washing, almost stone-like in appearance.

They still looks flexible in a way with visible pleats, but are stiff and solid, as if they are frozen in time. The wind still moves them, but only as solid entities. The lasting character of concrete is poured into the clothing, giving them the strength and protectiveness of a building, but without a body wearing it the shape mainly reflects the absence of the body, making them unusable for this purpose.