Wood, paint, straps
200x50x50 cm x2

Rabobank collection

'Vertical' was created for an open call around the time of my graduation, at which this work was chosen by the committee of the Rabobank, who was sponsoring the work.

The work sprang from my visit to Barcelona not long before, where the differences between the gray repetitive apartment buildings in Enschede and the colorful historic streets of Barcelona could not be bigger. The differences were clearly visible in the culture as well, the people talking on the streets, the laundry hanging from the balcony’s and the sun vibrating over all this life. This made me realize on the one hand how much impact the architecture and public spaces have on our lives in a city, creating room for vibrant community’s or not, and on the other hand how much the climate we live in shape not just our buildings, but also how we behave in our community because of being closed up inside all the time. By making the work colorful but still square and stacked I created a fusion between these 2 differences; the typical sober and square housing of the Netherlands, combined with the playful chaos of Barcelona.

The work is still at the Rabobank in Enschede, where it is placed at a conference room. The initial plan was to place the work at the newly build hospital, but in the end the people working at the Rabobank much rather wanted to keep it around.