Building Blocks

Textile, clothing, wood
30cm x30cm x30cm x23 - total dimensions vary

Solo exhibition at XPO, Enschede

The blocks in the installation all have a size of 30x30x30 cm, referring to the well-known toy blocks that many people grew up with. These toy blocks are usually one of the first experiences with constructing and spatial orientation as a child, but they also clearly have a visible link with the urban environment, where most buildings consist of square and stacked spaces.

Only these blocks are not made of wood like most toy blocks, or of concrete like most of the urban environment, but are covered with textiles and clothing that incorporates architectural elements. The soft textile indicates the contrast of the built environment; whereas buildings are mainly made of stone and concrete with a repetitive and sometimes chilly look, inside every interior is unique with comfortable furniture that is soft to the human body. The clothing also emphasizes the human element: the tactile way in which we experience our environment, but also the personal diversity with which an unimaginative flat with exactly the same rooms can nevertheless become a colorful and diverse whole.