Steel, concrete, textile, wood
200x70x20 cm
30x50x15 cm

The work "Contemplace" consists of a large metal frame in the simple and archetypal shape of a house, standing on a concrete cast of my own legs. The sculpture seems to be leaning forward a bit awkwardly, as if it is trying to walk away. The toy cart is a small fabric apartment building in cheerful colors, that creates a stark contrast with the gray legs. The playfulness also contrasts with the heaviness of the legs, that do not seem to be capable of moving.

The work shows how the environment in which you grow up serves as a foundation on which the rest of your life is build. This place is therefore not only a physical place, but creates the framework in which your reality takes form as a child, with the accompanying cultural metaphors and values. It fascinates me endlessly how a house consists of tangible materials, but also forms a very personal and culturally determined idea of ​​what home is, and creates a whole world of memories, especially in the house where you grew up.
How are memories connected to these places, could you still walk the same ways in your mind?