With time we always lose

Euro-pallet, earth

Solo-exhibition in XPO, Enschede

On account of officials reports, we have reached a point in history where there is now more sand being moved by humans than by the earth itself.
Which in this case the work is failing to do so, the sand is falling through and over time more and more sand is slipping down from the mount on top.
The little mount refers to the sand in an hourglass, which looks like it is standing still in time, but slowly like a glacier it is cracking and falling down. Like the tip of an iceberg, most of it is under the surface of the pallet.
The irony of a mount of earth on a pallet which fails at it’s shipping purpose, tells the story of how the reshaping of our landscape is slowly turning against us, gradually slipping out of our control, as long as we only see the world as part of our production process