Mixed media
200x50x50 cm

Provincie Overijssel Collection - part of Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle

Commissioned by Trendbureau Overijssel (part of the province of Overijssel) to be part of a series of conferences, the work ‘Consense’ is a visual translation of the ever-increasing disparities and dividing classes in society, both financially, politically, educationally etcetera. The stack consists of separate parts and can easily be assembled.

The parts are all different in shape, form, color and material. A number of square shapes of both hard and soft materials and with urban elements incorporated, create a contrast with the organic round shapes and clothing, referring to the human body.

Every part in unique, creating clear differences between the elements, with a few parts being attached to each other with a tight strap to symbolize the diversity in society, but also the tension that this creates.

Because people, with all their differences, are still condemned to each other when living in a society.