Sharing ways of being

Stones, ceramic, textile, woolen blankets, europallet, cast iron
100x50x60 cm

Groupexhibition curated by Tena Bakšaj at Alte Handelsschule Leipzig, part of the PILOTENKEUCHE artist in residence

The installation ‘Sharing ways of being’ is based on our relationship with nature; how we have reduced the landscape to a producer of raw materials, and no longer acknowledge the value of other kinds of life. A stone is a building material, plants are either good or bad depending on their yield, and the same goes for insects. This economic point of view has reduced the world into pieces of 'nature' that need to be managed and protected, and the rest of the world that we can use in to create economic value. But we are the only ones living in this constructed divide, and in the process we seem to have forgotten that we are ourselves inextricably linked with the land as well, both physically, mentally and spiritually.

The stones made from ceramic have become fragile and hollow, no longer the heavy solids we always imagine them to be, symbolizing the vulnerability of the landscape that always seemed stable and neglectable. The lines of the mold are still visible in the ceramic and the iron stone, emphasizing the production focused state of mind being imposed on natural bodies.

The same production element is accentuated with the Euro-pallet, ready to be shipped.
The Monstera leaves reflect the urban need to surround our homes with nature, but in a very controlled way as an interior design. The woolen blankets serve the double meaning of being soft, caring and keeping warm on the one hand, but can be used to cover up or hide behind as well.