If you cut me, I’ll bleed

Woolen blankets
50cm x100cm x150cm

‘If you cut me, I’ll bleed’ is based on the visual language of extractivism, open pit mines particularly, cut down layer for layer in a pile of 40 blankets.

There is an old and profound connection between our fragile human bodies and the blankets that keep us warm. They protect us through the night, we share them with others, take them with us, or build tents from them in times of need. It intuitively feels wrong to cut them open, knowing it will leave your body exposed, just as seeing a cut open landscape left exposed after years of mining hurts in a way.

The different layers show the almost artistic and abstract shape inherent to the mines, in a positive and a negative form which shows their interconnectedness in the landscape; where we build, construct, and create, somewhere else is a pit where these materials come from. And just like us, when you cut it open, the landscape bleeds.

Group exhibition at the PILOTENKEUCHE artist in residence program Curated by Tena Bakšaj